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Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

Before shipment, we will conduct random sampling inspection for all products when the production of products is 100% completed, and the packaging progress is 80%. We will reflect on whether the quantity, packaging and product quality meet the standards in the report. To avoid any risk to your order, please check whether the specifications of the products you purchased are consistent with the contract. Inspect the product's style, size, colour, process, appearance, function, safety, reliability, packaging method, relevant marks, storage conditions, transportation safety and other product requirements.

Production inspection period (DPI)

Keep an eye on the whole production process, which is also conducive to early detection of any non-compliance, thus reducing the risk of factory delivery delay. Evaluate the production line and confirm the progress, make the defective products improve in time, assess the delivery date, check the semi-finished products of each production process, and match the style, size, colour, technique, appearance, function, safety, reliability, packaging method, relevant labels, storage conditions, transportation safety and other requirements for finished products specified by customers.

Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

When the product progress reaches 50%, closely monitoring the entire production process is also beneficial for early detection of any non compliant situations, thereby reducing the risk of factory delivery delays. Evaluate the production line and confirm progress, promptly improve defective products, evaluate delivery dates, inspect semi-finished products in each production process, and match the style, size, color, process, appearance, function, safety, reliability, packaging method, relevant labels, storage conditions, transportation safety, and other requirements specified by the customer for the finished products.

Full inspection and acceptance

All inspections can be conducted before or after packaging according to customer requirements. According to the customer's needs, each product's appearance, function and safety shall be tested in our testing centre or the place designated by the customer; Distinguish between good products and wrong products in strict accordance with the quality requirements of customers. And timely report the inspection results to the customer. After the inspection, the qualified products shall be packed and sealed with special seals. Defective products are classified and returned to the factory. XIHONG ensures that every product shipped meets your quality requirements: we will provide feedback data, including all test reports, relevant pictures, exceptions, causes, countermeasures and handling methods. XIHONG's testing factory focuses on testing in the Japanese market. With strict implementation of the Japanese management system, professional inspection personnel and a strictly controlled inspection site, we can provide you with professional whole-process inspection services in the inspection centre.

Production monitoring (PM)


From the beginning of production, inspectors are sent to the factory to track and confirm the production process, quality and progress. Analyse and find the causes of abnormal production quality, formulate countermeasures against the reasons, ensure the factory implementation, and timely report all on-site conditions to customers. Find product defects and production progress promptly during the production process, and formulate adjustment plans promptly to ensure the smooth production of your products throughout the production process. The inspection contents include production schedule management, control of defective parts in the production process, requirements for factory improvement, confirmation of improvement implementation, confirmation of implementation results, and timely feedback on production and abnormalities.

Factory audit (FA)


According to the requirements, XIHONG auditors will audit the manufacturer's business reliability, production capacity, quality management system, social responsibility audit, and the company's organisation and production status. The assessment contents include factory business license, factory certification and identity verification, factory contact information and location, company organisational structure and size, document and process control, internal training, raw material and supplier management, laboratory internal testing and evaluation, sample development ability, factory facilities and equipment, factory production capacity, packaging arrangement, tool calibration and maintenance records, metal testing, quality control system, and social responsibility, See XIHONG factory audit list for details.

Container Loading Supervision (CLS)


The supervision service includes assessing the condition of containers, checking product information, limiting the number of products loaded in containers, checking packaging information, supervising the entire container loading process, and randomly sampling a box of products to prevent the appearance and function. Avoid high risks such as improper loading, damaged products, or incorrect quantity. Inspectors monitor the loading site to ensure the safe packaging of your products. Inspection contents include recording weather conditions, container arrival time, container number and trailer number; Whether the container is damaged, damped or has a particular smell, quantity and external packaging; Spot checks of a box of products to confirm that they are required to be loaded into the container; Supervise the container loading process to ensure minimum damage and maximum space utilisation; Sealing containers with customs seals; Record the departure time of seals and containers.

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