1. PVC Marble Sheet

PVC Marble Sheet is a super large single piece with infinite patterns, breaking the limitations of traditional tile specifications. There are three types of pattern techniques: ordinary film, heat transfer film, and 3D printing. PVC stone plastic waterproof UV board is used as the base plate, with rich and realistic colors, which can replace marble. The light mirror surface has a smooth hand feel, high compressive and wear-resistant properties, and the edges and corners are flat.

2. PS Wall Panel

PS wall panels can be seamlessly and easily joined as interior decorative wall panels, with a variety of styles that can be customized. Lacquer free, environmentally friendly, waterproof and moisture-proof, and self extinguishing are the preferred materials for wall panel decoration today. Background wall, ceiling, wall panel, wall skirt, invisible door, living room, bedroom, office, shopping mall, KTV can all be used.

3. WPC Wall Panel

The surface of the WPC Wall Panel is high wear-resistant and decorated with wood grain paper that is smooth as silk. It can be seamlessly spliced onto the wall for convenience, with strong anti-corrosion and moisture-proof capabilities. It is sturdy and durable, and requires strict material selection. It is made of high-quality ecological wood, healthy and environmentally friendly, and uses EO level nano classic lamination pressing technology.

4. Bamboo And Wood Fiber Wall Panel

Bamboo And Wood Fiber Wall Panels have slotting, strong flexibility, and neat cuts, which are not easy to break. They can be installed on curved surfaces with clear and easy to clean textures. There are various styles available, including cloth texture, metal surface, mirror surface, and imitation wood texture. Convenient installation can greatly shorten the construction period, and is waterproof and moisture-proof. Carbon crystal plates are also available for selection.

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