What is a wooden decorative panel?

Brief introduction Wood decorative panel is a surface material used for indoor decoration or furniture manufacturing, which is made by cutting natural wood or technological wood into thin sheets of a certain thickness, adhering to the surface of plywood, and then hot pressing. The materials used for decorative panels include stone, porcelain, metal, wood, etc

Advantage Wood veneers are not only used on walls, various cabinets, dining tables and chairs, but also commonly used for decorative purposes such as background walls, suspended ceilings, and wall panels.

Natural wood decorative panel vs artificial panel

Natural wood decorative panel

  Material: Mainly made of natural solid wood as raw material, sliced into thin pieces, processed and painted

  Performance: The natural and primitive wood texture has a certain cost-effectiveness compared to solid wood, but it has poor wear and scratch resistance, and the length of service life is closely related to maintenance

  Texture: Natural wood pattern, natural texture pattern, with high variability and irregularity

Artificial wood veneer

  Material: The surface is mainly pressed with decorative colored paper dipped in melamine resin, and the bottom layer is directly pressed with common wooden boards, density boards, etc. and decorative colored paper to form a board.

  Performance: wear-resistant, scratch resistant, controllable wood grain color, small color difference, and affordable.

  Texture: The texture of the artificial wood decorative panel is basically straight, with regular texture patterns.

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