The difference between 3mm, 5mm, and 12mm plywood

Three millimeter plywood is generally used for furniture backboards or drawer bottoms. Ordinary plywood panels generally do not have decorative patterns and are used as ordinary structural materials.


Five millimeter plywood is generally used for the splicing of large area panels, such as the production of partitions or exhibitions.

Dimensions mm: 1220 * 2440, 1220 * 2135, 1220 * 2500, 1250 * 2500.


Nine millimeter plywood is generally used for the production of skirting boards and decorative panels, and also for the production of furniture back panels. Spin and cut the logs into large sheets along the annual ring direction, dry and glue them, and press them by machine according to the principle of perpendicular grain direction of adjacent veneer layers. The surface is relatively flat, and the upper layer is covered with natural wood veneer. Some good ones include Okoume and Pine boards.

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