How to choose and purchase poplar plywood?

How about poplar plywood

1. Poplar plywood can be seen as a composite board of poplar veneer, with a much thicker thickness, and is generally used as a raw material for doors and floors.

2. Firstly, poplar wood itself has tough wood properties, high mechanical strength, and strong corrosion resistance. The edge wood is dark yellow, while the heart wood is dark purple gray. The wood core edge wood is clearly distinguished, with clear texture, smooth planing surface, and beautiful chord patterns. It can be used to make exquisite carved lacquer handicrafts. Furniture made from it is mostly simple in shape, smooth and simple in lines, and elegant in style.

How about poplar plywood

1. Thickness: The thicker the base layer, the stronger the strength of the floor, and the more sturdy it is after paving

2. Multi layer solid wood flooring is composed of two parts: solid wood surface layer and solid wood base layer. The quality of the surface layer determines the aesthetics and service life of the floor. The surface layer is made by slicing selected high-quality wood after several processes of drying, degreasing, and health preservation

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